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We are building a new brand in a new category. We have developed a natural line of skincare products for the "pre-teen to teen" market both in the USA and in Australia. "Natural ingredients for Healthy Skin", "Made with Luv in Australia"

5 Skincare Myths Girls Shouldn’t Believe

When it comes to skincare, there are a lot of old wives’ tales and even misinformation about how to take care of your face and what causes acne. It can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. So, let’s take a look at five common skincare myths, why they don’t hold up, and what you can do to take great care of your skin.


Myth #1: Breakouts Are Caused by Not Washing Your Face Enough

Clogged pores and bacteria cause pimples, and even with a thorough cleansing routine, you can still get acne from clogged pores and bacteria under the skin. Forgetting to wash your face a time or two isn’t going to cause a breakout. Though you should definitely cleanse your face twice a day with a special face wash for kids, tweens, and teens. That said, if you get busy and forget to cleanse here and there, don’t stress it. Over-washing your face is not good for it because it strips your skin of its natural oils. When your skin dries out too much, it over compensates by producing more oil, which can clog pores and make acne worse.

Myth #2: Junk Food Causes Acne

It’s not exactly true. If you eat a piece of pizza, oil isn’t going to ooze out of your pores and cause a breakout. However, if you do have acne-prone skin, you might notice a flare up after eating foods that are high in refined carbs and sugars. That’s because your body responds by producing more insulin, which increases the production of oils on your skin. Remember, clogged pores and bacteria cause acne. Whether there is a direct link between breakouts and eating high-fat, greasy foods like fries and doughnuts is still a highly-studied topic that’s up for debate. But, as with many things in life, moderation is key, so be sure to fuel yourself well with healthy foods.

Myth #3: You Don’t Need to Moisturize Your Face

The tendency to avoid moisturizer because you’re worried it will clog your pores is an understandable concern. However, your skin needs to be hydrated properly, or it will produce oil in response to you letting it dry out too much. Choose a lightweight, natural moisturizer for face and use it after washing your face morning and night. Seek out a formula that’s made for tweens and teens with all skin types and that won’t clog pores.

Myth #4: Makeup Is Bad for Your Face

Some makeup is actually good for your skin, depending on your skin type, what you are putting on your face, and the quality of the brand. Even more important is how diligent you are in removing your makeup before going to bed. If you wear makeup, do your research and pay attention to your skin to watch how it reacts to different brands. Be sure to thoroughly remove it at the end of the day.

Myth #5: Acne Is Only a Teen, Tween Problem

Nope! Adolescents are more prone to acne than adults, but you may be surprised to know that adult acne is still fairly common in the 20s, 30s, and beyond. For healthy, glowing skin, develop and follow a skincare routine using quality products to cleanse and moisturize your face.

About Luv Ur Skin

All girls deserve real, natural ingredients in their products, which is why Luv Ur Skin created a high-quality skincare line especially for them. Luv Ur Skin is an Australian skincare company whose products—including a face wash for kids, tweens, and teens—are made specifically for young faces. They’re developed with a team of scientists using select botanical ingredients and key plant extracts to help girls keep their skin clear, clean, and healthy with a gentle and effective skincare routine. Isabella (Izzi) Dymalovski is the founder and CEO of Luv Ur Skin. She was 8 years old when she started the company. At 13 years old, she was the youngest ever teen entrepreneur on Australia’s Shark Tank and the youngest brand owner to have her range of products on the shelves of Priceline Pharmacies in Australia. In 2017, Luv Ur Skin launched in the U.S.

Learn more about Luv Ur Skin’s products for girls at Luvurskin.com


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Summer Skincare Tips for Teens and Tweens

As the school year starts to wind down, you’re probably dreaming about lounging by the pool, riding your bike, staying up late, and hanging out with your friends all summer. Sounds like a good plan!


While warmer weather calls for fun in the sun, it also calls for us to pay special attention to our skin. A rise in temps is bound to cause you to sweat more and possibly breakout in acne. However, you can keep your skin glowing and clear with a few simple skincare tips. Summer will be here before you know it—best get started!

Tip 1: Research Your Skincare Brand

Look for a skincare brand that specializes in products designed for young faces. Skincare products for kids, tweens, and teens should contain natural ingredients to nourish the skin while getting to the root of any skin issues. Do a little research on effective skincare lines made naturally for girls. Don’t choose a brand that tests on animals or uses nasty chemicals in their skincare or makeup. Empower yourself to make the best decision for the health of your skin and body.

Tip 2: Wash Your Face x2

Be sure to wash your face in the morning and at night before going to bed. If you stick to a consistent routine, you’ll notice how great your skin looks on a daily basis. Look for a face wash for kids, tweens, and teens that’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The best companies use formulations that are a blend of plant extracts and natural ingredients like aloe vera and bilberry extract. A high-quality cleanser should be able to gently but effectively remove dirt and oils.

Tip 3: Lightly Moisturize

After washing your face, immediately follow up with a lightweight moisturizer that’s good for all skin types. The formula should have natural ingredients like rosehip and ginger root extracts to soften, hydrate, and nourish. The best natural moisturizer for face will lock in moisture without clogging pores. In looking for the best face wash and facial moisturizer, seek out formulas that contain Plantolin® Extract, which goes beneath the surface to reduce any inflammation and calm the skin.

Tip 4: Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Be sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your face and body that will protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can prematurely age the skin. Taking great care of your skin and developing healthy habits while you’re young will pay off down the road as you get older. Be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day if you are around water, going swimming, sweating, or spending a lot of time under the sun. Read the instructions on your sunscreen and reapply as directed.

Tip 5: Antioxidants Keep Skin Healthy

Antioxidants in your summer skincare are essential because they replenish skin exposed to the sun and promote natural skin cell renewal. Pollution, dirt, sweat, and sun are all environmental factors that contribute to skin damage if your skin isn’t properly cared for. Antioxidants keep the skin healthy and prevent it from becoming damaged by the elements.

About Luv Ur Skin

To help girls, tweens, and teens keep their skin healthy, Luv Ur Skin has designed products made with natural, effective, and safe ingredients. Their products are all Australian made and developed by the brand’s now-teenage founder IzziDymalovski, along with her team of expert formulators. Luv Ur Skin’s products, including their natural moisturizer for face, are comprised of a blend of plant extracts and other natural ingredients developed for effective skincare solutions, including the powerful Australian plant extract Plantolin®. The benefits of Plantolin® Extract come from the combination of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

For more information about Luv Ur Skin and to browse products, visit Luvurskin.com

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Host a Tween or Teen Spring Sleepover with These 3 Beauty Essentials

You and your girlfriends deserve a night of pampering. So, why not host a fun spa-themed slumber party for your next get-together?

Use the occasion to catch up on life and school, and then watch a movie—all while showing your skin some love, painting your nails, and trying out different hairstyles. You get the idea. Here are a few tips for how to host a night of beauty and bonding that you and your friends won’t soon forget.


Face Masks

Even youthful faces could benefit from a refreshing and hydrating face mask. While a daily face wash for kids, tweens, and teens is part of a daily beauty regimen. A spa-worthy mud or clay mask used a time or two throughout the week is a perfect way to refresh and deeply clean skin. Just think of how luxurious it will feel to apply a layer of a soothing and purifying mask onto your face.

Since you and your friends are the perfect age to understand the value of caring for your skin, be sure to choose an effective, safe mud or clay mask that contains natural ingredients and is healthy for your face. Opt for a product that is specifically designed for tween and teen skin for best results.

Some masks are gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Other masks are designed for oily skin that’s acne prone and therefore work to absorb excess oils and exfoliate dead skin. There are also some designed to unclog pores and clear up unwanted blackheads without stripping any natural oils. Do a little research and seek out the one that’s best for you and your friends, or buy a couple and apply each one where it’s needed for a customized face mask experience.

Moisturize Your Face

After you rinse your mud or clay mask off 10-15 minutes later, don’t forget to follow up with a natural moisturizer for face as a final step to lock in moisture. And when you moisturize makes a difference, because even if you wait a few minutes after cleansing, the surface cells start to dehydrate and are harder to hydrate.

What you moisturize with is also important because you want your skin to feel nourished, soft and hydrated. Choose a lightweight moisturizer that’s effective for all skin types, including oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. You want your moisturizer to lock in hydration without clogging your pores. If you find one with Plantolin® Extract, this ingredient will help calm and soothe the skin. To further nourish your skin, seek out a hydrating formula that contains natural ingredients such as rosehip and ginger root extracts.

Glow in the Dark Nails

A mani is a must at a slumber party. Add a fun twist by getting a few glow in the dark glitter nail polishes in the latest trendy colors. Remember how excited you were the first time you waved a glow stick around? You might be able to rekindle that feeling with your glittery glow in the dark nails. Look for nail polish sets that include a variety of fun colors like glittery purple, pink, and blue or neon orange, yellow, and green. You could paint each other’s nails or do your own. And when the lights go off, check out your handiwork.

And, if you have time during your spa night, you could practice doing different hairstyles. Everybody has that one friend who’s good at doing hair. Try a French braid and messy bun combo or a fishtail braid! The point is to enjoy a relaxing night of pampering and fun with friends.

About Luv Ur Skin

Designed with tweens and teens in mind, Luv Ur Skin formulates healthy, safe, and effective products for all young skin types, including their face wash for kids, tweens, and teens. Every girl deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin, which is why IzziDymalovski created a brand that offers girls effective products made especially for them. Luv Ur Skin has a variety of skincare products developed with natural ingredients and plant extracts to help girls keep their skin healthy, clear, and clean. It is the only line of skincare designed for tweens and teens that uses the plant extract Plantolin®, a native plant of Australia, known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Browse Luv Ur Skin’s line of skincare essentials for tweens and teens at Luvurskin.com


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Three Tips for Helping Your Daughter Feel Comfortable in Her Own Skin (Literally)

When it comes to helping your daughter feel comfortable in her own skin, one should first look to ways to enhance her natural beauty. The best advice you could probably give starts with a simple question: How should she take care of her skin? The following three tips could help facilitate a conversation about proper skincare to help your daughter feel truly comfortable in her own skin (literally).


1. Stress the Importance of Taking Care of Her Skin While She’s Young

Upon puberty, hormones go into overdrive, and skin has a tendency to get oily and more acne-prone. Pimples form when pores get clogged with oil produced by your skin called sebum. Sebum is needed to keep your skin moisturized and healthy, but an overproduction of it can cause acne.

To prevent breakouts or clear them up as quickly as possible, encourage your daughter to gently wash her face once in the morning and once at night. Let her know it’s important to not over-wash her face or scrub aggressively because it can irritate her sensitive skin. Suggest a face wash for kids, tweens, and teens that is specifically designed to remove oiliness, environmental grime, and even makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The best formula will use natural ingredients to effectively and gently cleanse skin.

Tip: Though she might be tempted, let your daughter know she shouldn’t try to pop any pimples. Doing so can lead to scarring and can further irritate the skin. Instead encourage her to use a mask one to two times a week as an at-home spa treatment to aid her skin.

2. Help Her Develop a Healthy Skincare Regimen

Having your daughter keep her skin clean by cleansing her face twice a day is the first step in creating a healthy skincare routine. The next step is to use a natural moisturizer for face after every washing. Look for a daily moisturizer that hydrates skin without clogging the pores. A lightweight face moisturizer should leave her skin feeling soft, hydrated, and nourished.

A quality facial moisturizer for tween and teen skin will use natural ingredients to lock in moisture while being effective for all skin types—including sensitive skin. The best products will contain rosehip and ginger root extracts as well as Plantolin® Extract in their formulas to hydrate, nourish, and soothe the skin while reducing inflammation.

3. Teach Her to Be Mindful of What She’s Putting on Her Face

As your daughter establishes a skincare routine, teach her to also be mindful about the ingredients in the formulas of her face wash, moisturizer, and other items. She should know exactly what’s in the products she is using. She’s already making decisions about what is and isn’t good for her, so it makes sense for her to choose natural, healthy skincare products that are designed with tween and teen skin in mind. Not all skincare products are created equal, so be sure to stress the importance of reading labels, visiting a company’s website, reading their mission statement, and things of that nature. It’s important to look beyond just branding to make sure she’s putting quality, safe products on her face.

As they say: Healthy skin today is healthy skin tomorrow. Teaching your daughter good skincare habits today will set her up for a lifetime of healthy skin.

About Luv Ur Skin

Luv Ur Skin has a great range of high-quality skincare products—including face wash for kids, tweens, and teens—that are made with natural ingredients to help young girls keep their skin healthy, clean, and nourished. Isabella (Izzi) Dymalovski started the company in Australia when she was 8 years old with the intention of creating skincare products specifically for tween and teen skin. All of Luv Ur Skin’s products are developed by Izzi along with a team of scientists to ensure they’re safe and effective for girls with any skin type, from dry to combination.

Learn more about Luv Ur Skin’s products at Luvurskin.com


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Spring Skincare Tips for Tweens and Teens

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a time to reassess your skincare routine to make sure you’re taking the best care of your skin as possible in this new season. As spring starts, consider making some tweaks to your routine so your skin stays healthy and happy.


Switching up your skincare routine might sound like a huge life-changing event, but in reality, it’s just a matter of making sure you have the products that will best care for your skin and skin type as the temps turn up.

Here are some simple tips to pamper and protect your skin this spring:

Cleanse Daily

Having clear skin all year long starts by carefully cleansing your face morning and night. With a mild cleanser you cannot only wash off your makeup from the day, but can also get rid of any excess oiliness, dirt, and grime that might have collected on your face. During the spring and summer months, as the temperatures warm up, you're more likely to sweat throughout the day, so it’s pivotal to wash your face as you start and end your day.

A good face wash for kids to teens will cater to your sensitive skin and work with all skin types. It should also have natural ingredients that work to remove surface grime and makeup without stripping your face of its natural oils. A gentle foaming cleanser will help your skin feel fresh, clean, and invigorated.

Scrub Away

Throughout the winter, your face encounters all sorts of rain, snow, sleet, and everything in-between. To give your skin some TLC as the weather starts to warm up, treat yourself to an exfoliating face scrub. There are tons of different face scrub products available, but you should look for one that's safe for sensitive skin and all other skin types. Also, make sure that your face scrub isn't too intense or harsh, so it doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural oils. For best results, use a facial scrub in the evening about one or two times a week after washing your face to help maintain a healthy glow.

Opt for a Lightweight Moisturizer

Just as you’re starting to put away your heavy coats, scarves, and winter boots, you should also lighten the load your moisturizer has on your face. While heavier lotions and creams can be great for protecting your skin from the frigid winds of winter, come springtime, you should consider something more lightweight. Look for a natural moisturizer for face that uses high-quality ingredients safe for all skin types. The best one will hydrate your skin without clogging your pores while reducing inflammation to calm and soothe your skin. Also seek out a hydrating body lotion so you stay moisturized from head to toe.

Protect Your Lips

If you’re like most, winter coming to a close means more time spent outdoors. So as you consider your skincare regimen, be sure to not forget your lips. Keep your lips hydrated and protected with a lip balm that goes on smooth while packing tons of natural benefits to hydrate and repair your lips. It also doesn't hurt if it smells great too!

About Luv Ur Skin

Luv Ur Skin was founded on the mission that girls in their tween and teen years should feel happy and confident in their skin. The company was started by entrepreneur Isabella (Izzi) Dymalovski when she was 8 years old with the goal of creating skincare products formulated specifically for tween and teen skin. Luv Ur Skin’s products utilize natural ingredients like Plantolin® Extract in their natural moisturizer for face, which helps reduce inflammation while soothing and calming the skin.

Shop Luv Ur Skin’s entire line of skincare essentials for tweens and teens at Luvurskin.com

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Keep Your Skin Healthy During Colder Months with These Tips

Winter time is one of the best times of the year for a variety of reasons. If you're a fan of winter activities like skiing and sledding, or just like bundling up next to a cozy fireplace, then you probably wait all year for the temperatures to drop. But, along with snow and colder temperatures, winter also brings along a host of skin annoyances and problems, including flakiness, cracked skin, and even acne and inflammation. Fortunately, keeping your skin healthy all winter long isn’t impossible, you just need to follow a few simple tips and make some changes to your daily skincare routine.



Bundle Up

The primary reason that your skin suffers during the winter months is because of the dry, cold air. If your skin is continually exposed to the frigid air of winter, it will start to dry out and crack, and the lipids on the surface that protect your skin from environmental factors will be stripped away as well. To fight against this, it's essential that you wear gloves, scarves, and other warm items when going outside to limit your exposed skin.

Use a Daily Moisturizer

In the winter months, it's hard to avoid the cold, dry air entirely, but if left untreated, your skin could pay the price for this prolonged exposure. Fortunately, with a natural moisturizer for face, you can lock in your skin’s natural hydration and fight against the drying effects of the frigid air. A good face moisturizer will also provide a calming effect to soothe tween and teen skin without clogging pores.

Along with your face, you should moisturize your lips, hands, and any other part of your body that is frequently exposed to the cold air. Look for moisturizing products that are lightweight and fast-absorbing while also containing natural ingredients like Plantolin® Extract to fight against inflammation.

Limit Bath Time

During the cold winter months, there isn’t anything that feels much better than a long soak in a steaming hot bath. But the thing is, just as cold, dry air is bad for your skin, hot water can actually strip your skin of moisture, leading to many of the other winter-related skin problems. To overcome this, try and limit your baths and showers to only 10 minutes max so you can feel refreshed and warmed up without doing damage to your skin.

Keep Your Face Clean

As the cold air strips away your skin’s natural protective layer from the elements, it’s paramount that you keep your face clean to avoid any breakouts or clogged pores during the winter. When looking for a face wash for kids, tweens, or teens, you want to make sure that you’re choosing one that uses a natural formula. Beneficial ingredients such as bilberry extract, aloe vera, and Plantolin® Extract will help to wash away any excess oil on your face while also removing acne-causing bacteria gently.

About Luv Ur Skin

Luv Ur Skin was founded by Isabella (Izzi) Dymalovski when she was 8 years old as a natural skincare line dedicated to tween and teen girls and their unique skin types. Luv Ur Skin’s skincare products are formulated using high-quality natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory Plantolin® Extract so girls can enjoy clear, healthy skin without harmful synthetic chemicals. The Luv Ur Skin line features a variety of products including their natural moisturizer for face, lip care, and body lotion.

Learn more about Luv Ur Skin’s skincare products at Luvurskin.com


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Luv Ur Skin created a natural moisturizer for face formulated with natural ingredients that are meant to calm and soothe teen skin. It contains rosehip and ginger root extract, which help nourish dry skin. It also includes Luv Ur Skin’s Plantolin® Extract, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe and calm skin.

Four Skincare Practices Your Skin Will Love—At Any Age

Girls of all ages face unique challenges when it comes to skincare. From reoccurring breakouts and excess oil to dry or otherwise sensitive skin, skincare for tween and teen girls can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Now pair all of that with a global skincare market estimated to be $134.5 billion and that is flooded with thousands of different products, and it can feel nearly impossible to know which products and practices are actually worth your time and money. And that’s true whether you’re a tween or teen girl or a parent.


While it might take a bit of trial and error to figure out which products work for you, there is one universal truth when it comes to skincare: Taking care of your skin in your formative years will pay dividends later in life, both in terms of appearance and health.

Follow these tried and true timeless skin habits to jump start your skincare regimen and ensure healthy, beautiful skin now and for years to come.

Wash Off Your Makeup

It’s not an old wives’ tale; going to sleep with your makeup on can cause a surprising amount of damage. Each day, our skin is exposed to environmental toxins, harmful UVA and UVB rays, and other free radicals that can, over time, break down healthy skin cells. The combination of not washing your face and leaving your makeup on can trap those toxins and free radicals, causing skin cells to gradually breakdown over time. For best results, look for a natural face wash that will remove makeup while also gently cleansing skin.

Cleanse and Exfoliate—Carefully

If you’re struggling with acne or excess oil, you might feel inclined to wash your face a few extra times a day or use an exfoliant to get that “squeaky clean” feeling. Unfortunately, that “squeaky” feeling could be a sign that you’ve stripped your skin of its natural moisture. This can cause dryness, irritation, breakouts, and actually cause your skin to produce more oil.

Regardless of your age, a gentle foaming cleanser that’s pH balanced to protect and hydrate your skin can work wonders. This is especially important for tweens and teens or those struggling with acne. Look for a face wash for kids that is naturally formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients—including Plantolin® Extract, aloe vera, and bilberry extract—that will gently remove excess oil and bacteria without irritation.

Wear Sunscreen and Avoid Tanning Beds

SPF is your BFF. While we all want that coveted, bronzy glow, it’s no secret that UVA and UVB rays can do some serious damage to your skin. From harmful sunburns in your youth to premature wrinkles in your 30s to potentially more serious skin conditions in your later years, it’s hard to overstate the importance of sunscreen. Be sure to use a broad spectrum SPF, especially when you’re spending a lot of time outside in the sun.

Stay Moisturized

It’s also important to look for a natural moisturizer for face that will help keep skin hydrated and healthy. It should be light and easily absorbed to ensure you don’t clog your pores. Your face will love moisturizers formulated with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerine, and Plantolin®, as well as rosehip and ginger root extracts.

About Luv Ur Skin

Luv Ur Skin is a natural skincare line developed specifically for tween and teen girls. Their products are formulated with high-quality botanical ingredients and other key plant extracts, like Plantolin®. Luv Ur Skin aims to help girls achieve beautiful, healthy, clear skin with gentle skincare products, including face wash for kids, body lotion, and lip care. Founded by Isabella (Izzi) Dymalovski at the age of 8 in Australia, Luv Ur Skin is quickly gaining popularity in other countries, including the United States.

Learn more about Luv Ur Skin’s skincare products and more at Luvurskin.com


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